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Announcing: Freewaregenius

October 4th, 2006 Author:

Freewaregenius.com is a freeware blog that contains reviews and download links of some of the coolest legal free PC software out there. The basic philosophy behind the site is simple: quality not quantity. Unlike other sites, this freeware blog does not list every single free program on the planet. It will, however, present one to three of the best freeware program reviews for each category, written from the perspective of an average computer user. The blog also allows visitors to leave comments under each review in a forum-style conversation. Read the rest of this entry »

Joe’s Goals lets you track your good (and bad) habits

September 30th, 2006 Author: Matt P.

EYDL sits down with Ian Smith, the creator of http://www.joesgoals.com/, and gets the scoop on the site that helps you track your goals and vices in a community setting.

MP: What is Joe’s Goals?
Ian: Joe’s Goals is a simple online goal tracking application. Basically it lets you define a list of goals on the left hand column while the days of the week are shown across the top. Click the corresponding box to mark what you’ve completed each day. You can even record multiple check marks where needed. For example, I could have a goal called Practice Guitar and with just two clicks I can record that I practiced Monday and Thursday.

Read the rest of this entry »

Save your sanity with printed lists

August 26th, 2006 Author: mbrusse

 I readily admit to being one of “those” list-makers. And yes, I sometimes add something I’ve done to the list just so I can cross it off. But when I gave birth to my twins, Holly and Wyatt, in 2004, my propensity for listmaking was a real lifesaver. Who can remember everything to load into the diaper bag when you’re going on three hours of sleep?

Keeping track of the babies “In’s and Out’s” (feeding and pooping for the uninitiated) was my first challenge. I created a simple spreadsheet for each baby. I suggest keeping them on clipboards with a pen in the baby’s room. The information was helpful for our pediatrician to review with us in the early weeks and months. Especially with twins, it was hard to keep track. (“How often does she eat? Did he really go three days without pooping?”) It also helped my husband and I coordinate any medications so we didn’t double-dose. When relatives wanted to help out, they could also check and see when a baby last ate or pooped. 

Click here to see my charts:  Baby’s In’s and Out’s Chart

Get the idea? You can be very utilitarian and create a plain typewritten chart or list. Or, you can have some fun and use colors and fun fonts to get creative. I used some basic Excel skills and some free fonts from the internet to create my charts. A terrific source for (free!) fonts you can install on your computer is http://www.momscorner4kids.com/fonts.

More lists!

Then it was time to get out of the house. The idea of leaving the house with two little ones in tow took some real guts. Keeping bags at the ready was helpful. For example, I try to keep a pool bag packed and ready so we can head out quickly. But a packing list tucked in the bag helps with restocking and remembering perishables.

A diaper bag list near the door was a great way to avoid that “what am I forgetting” feeling as I left the house with two little ones, especially at first. I liked being to update and reprint them as their needs changed, too. We extended the idea to overnight trips, too. Packing is a snap and makes it easier for my husband to pitch in and grab things, too. So, save your mind. Download some fonts and create some easy lists and charts to get organized.

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