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Macbook vs Subaru == Applesauce?

OK…the first thing I need to say is that my wife is smart. 4.0 out of highschool, 3.9 out of college smart. She can assemble IKEA furniture in her sleep and she does Suduko puzzles to relax. Also, I consider myself to be reasonably smart but I know she’s way smarter than me (apptitude tests at our former employer proved it, too)…but she’s nice enough to not mention it.

Macbook vs. Subaru

Macbook vs. Subaru

Macbook frowns after run-in with Subaru Outback

Macbook with dented case following laptop-tire collision

Anyway, now that I have listed a few of the accolades my wife’s brain has accrued, I feel reasonably safe questioning it’s ability to multitask when harried.

Here is my tale of woe and (partial) amazement:



Me: What’s up?
Wife: I’m having a bad day!
Me: What happened?
Me: YOU WHAT?!?!?!

My brain kicks into overdrive trying to process what she has said. Did she really just say that she ran over our 5 month old Macbook Pro (17 in)? How could that even be possible? What chain of events could lead to my resposible, smart wife running over the most perfect computer I’ve ever used? I quickly fell in love with the Mac when it came time to edit a DVD of my daughter’s birth. After months of convincing my designer wife that we needed a Mac so she could test and build web sites on both platforms easily and I could finally edit and burn professional looking DVDs for family and posterity, we got THE MACBOOK PRO of my dreams. Sleek. Fast. Ergonomic. Insanely beautiful. I love using iMovie and iDVD and she just ran over the laptop?

Me: HOW DID YOU RUN OVER THE LAPTOP?!?!? How is that even possible?!

At this point, I realize I am standing and talking quite loudly. I don’t remember deciding to stand; maybe my body thought standing would help me absorb the blow. .

Wife: Well, I was coming out of the [health] club after a client meeting and I had Ella [18 months old] and three bags and I was trying to hurry home to feed Ella before she fell asleep!

ME: AND?! [Meaning: How do you run over a laptop? An expensive, beautiful one at that.]
Wife: Well, I put the Macbook against the tire, I put the rest of the bags in the car, and got Ella settled and then drove off. When I left it against the wheel, it fell down when I backed up and then I ran over it with the front wheels.

ME: AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHAAAGGGHH!!! WHAT?! Why didn’t you put it in with the rest of the bags? Why didn’t you leave your gym clothes outside? How could you forget a $3000 laptop 45 seconds after setting it down? Why against the tire? Didn’t you notice it right there next to your foot? Didn’t you feel like something was missing? Don’t you look around the car before getting in? Why didn’t you put it in the car?

It basically came down to the fact that my wife was coming out of a client meeting, had a cranky daughter, had too much on her mind, and just made a simple mistake…I realize that now but it took me awhile to realize it…I had LOTS of questions.

So dealing with a simple, honest mistake is the woe part.

The amazement comes in the form of the fact that the macbook pro still ran just fine after getting run over by a 3400 pound Subura Outback. The screen has some weird pressure marks / cracks / dead pixels…the case is a bit bent and you’d never be able to get a DVD in or out of the drive but otherwise everything still works just fine. We back up our data pretty religiously but it was nice to be able to fire it up, surf around the drives and transfer stuff off just in case. I’m editing a ton of video from the different TV shows that ran the “Gestation Video” and had I lost some of that work, then I would have been peeved. Thank God, that Macbook took a pretty good hit and kept on a running!

So to all the Mac Fanboys out there, yes, Apple’s kick ass construction has once again shown itself to be awesome.

We’re sending our (once) lovely Mac off to Apple to have them do a body (and screen) swap on it and it is going to cost about $1300 to restore it to it’s former glory. I figure that’s not too bad given that we were able to get our data off and no one actually got hurt in this “catastrophe”. But, heck, I’m not against trying to offset my losses so you liked the story, pics, or vid and feel inclined, I’ll gladly accept donations or your diggs.

Many thanks,

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